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PicoTurtle Java program to draw a groovy tunnel

I've also added Java support to picoturtle. Here's a program to draw a rather groovy tunnel. Java code follows.

import in.abhishekmishra.picoturtle.Turtle;
import in.abhishekmishra.picoturtle.TurtleState;

public class Tunnel
    public static void cuboid(Turtle t, double b, double w, double h) {

        t.right(-45 …
PicoTurtle C# program to draw a wave

Recently I added C# .NET support to picoturtle. I was playing around generating waves... here's an example based on the sine function. And the C# Turtle code follows below.

using System;
using picoturtle;

namespace cspico
    class MainClass
        public static void Main(string[] args)
            // Create the turtle before using
            Turtle t …
PicoTurtle released

This week I built the first release of PicoTurtle - a turtle program built on REST/HTTP APIs, allowing programs written in potentially any programming language to draw turtle graphics with it. The desktop editor is built using electron. Download it at PicoTurtle Homepage.

I'll make follow-up posts about how the …

Exploring turtle graphics

This week I started exploring turtle graphics with my son as he is very interested in drawing and crafts (he calls his room "art room"). We wrote one program together in python's turtle graphics library. It's here - , and this is what it looks like :)

So this got me …